Tax Exempt and Religious Organizations

RFBN provides legal representation to a variety of 501(c)(3) and non-profit organizations. Our clients include hospitals, other health care providers, K-12 private school systems, colleges, churches, and religious orders of men and women.

Our work on behalf of charitable, non-profit and religious clients includes:

  • Advice on various matters including organizational structure
  • Securing recognition of tax exempt status
  • Securing exemption from state and local sales tax
  • Securing exemption from local real estate taxation
  • Joint ventures and mergers
  • Formation of taxable and nontaxable subsidiary corporations
  • Maintenance of tax exempt status
  • Dissolution and liquidation issues
  • Acquisitions of real estate and equipment
  • Financing transactions

We also have served religious organizations. We have represented a number of Protestant churches and religious orders of men and women of the Roman Catholic Church—we have served as general counsel to some of these clients for more than 55 years. Our legal work on behalf of religious organizations includes:

  • Advice and counsel on governance issues
  • Relationship issues between the faith-based organization and its ministries
  • Revising organizational structures, preparing articles of incorporation, bylaws, and other required governance agreements and instruments

Tax Exempt and Religious Organizations Team