Commercial Transactions and Corporate Law

When our clients embark on new business ventures they encounter a host of complex legal considerations in deciding upon the best ownership, management and operational structures. We provide comprehensive assistance in navigating the unique factors our clients face and in the formation of a business entity suitable to each client’s objectives and traits.

Those business entities include:

  • Regular or C Corporations
  • Subchapter S Corporations
  • General Partners
  • Limited Partnerships

We also help business owners and managers with ownership and management control issues, succession planning matters and agreements, such as buy-sell agreements, employment issues. On behalf of our business, commercial and non-profit clients, we negotiate and draft agreements and contracts of various types, assist in due diligence processes and reviews, and provide general legal guidance in the completion of transactions of various types, including real estate or equipment purchases, financing transactions, employment matters, mergers, and asset and stock sales and acquisitions.

Our firm has considerable experience in forming and representing not-for-profit corporations in connection with their general operational, employment and tax needs. Our not-for-profit clients include hospitals and other health care providers, colleges, K-12 private school systems, churches and religious orders.